Goreski Roofing and Insulation

With 50+ years in the industry we have experienced many changes in products, technology, climate change, etc. Today's roofs not only have to stand up to driving rains but also to increasingly harsh winters. At Goreski Roofing we have met this challenge.

We provide the most professional roofs possible at a fair price. Call for a free estimate 905-723-9022.

The Goreski Difference

Not all roofing companies are the same, this is
what sets Goreski Roofing apart:

  1. At GORESKI ROOFING and Insulation we believe in QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY. Instead of rushing to get your job done in one day, we focus on doing your job right, for as long as it takes.
  2. We use our own trained and experienced crews to do all our roofing jobs above and beyond all current building codes.
  3. We use only quality products from recognized manufacturers.
  4. We hand-nail all our roofs, no air-guns allowed.
  5. We use Ice and water shield 3 feet on all eaves at all pitches.
Durham Region Home Builders Association. Member in good standing for over 30 years!
  1. We use new synthetic underlayment standard on all roof pitches 7/12 & under. (Owner may request on steeper pitches.)
  2. Ice and water shield is installed under all bathroom fan vents and plumbing flashings.
  1. Valleys are pre-finished metal (black or brown) with ice and water shield underlayment.
  2. All vents are all pre-coloured and extra vents will be added as required per sq. ft.
  3. If your roof needs more soffit ventilation, plywood or boards will be removed and Moore (baffle) vents will be installed. This will help your roof breathe properly.
  4. We carry full Liability Insurance and all Roofers have Fall Arrest and Basic Supervision Training.
  5. Member of Durham Region Home Builders' Assoc. & WSIB.